Auerhammer Metallwerk - Short-term available stock material

Thickness x Width in mm
Product Description
1Var29/182.230 x 340soft annealed  537 kgs
2Dil29/183.800 x 210soft annealed  568 kgs
5Dil29/180.100 x 305HV: 150-180; T:±0.01   778 kgs
9CuNi440.800 x 325HV: 85-115; W:±0.1  246 kgs
10NiCr92.230 x 360 soft annealed1158 kgs
12FeNi3870.300 x 330soft annealed; T:±0.011261 kgs


Titan Gr. 1

0.0072 x 100

800-1050 N7mm²; T:±0.0004

 0.92 kgs

17TB 155/781.2 x 5DIN1715, thermostatic bimetal1673 kgs
18Dil41 (FeNi41)0.49 x 21.5 annealed, 9 coil á 40 to 90 kgs  600 kgs

The listed strips are made from overproduction and only available in a limited way. The indicated quantities are non-binding, they can change daily. No guarantee of availability.


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