Tradition and innovation in unison for nearly 500 years

Auerhammer Metallwerk has been processing metals and alloys for nearly 500 Years. As technology has progressed, the original hammer factory has made way for a modern state-of-the-art cold rolling facility.
Nowadays we specialize in manufacturing materials with unique features, which are then used in electrical engineering, electronics, automotive engineering, the aerospace industry, machinery and plant engineering, measurement and control technology and the energy sector.

In particular, our clad materials, thermostatic bimetals and coinage strip are used by most of us in our everday lives. Our motivated team uses its experience to continually develop the technical capabilities of Auerhammer to become your supplier of choice of special alloys.


1526 – first recorded reference to “Uttenhofer Eisenhammer”


1687 – manufacture of iron plate, iron wire and tin plate by Veit Hans Schnorr

             of Carolsfeld


1823 – first plant in Europe to manufacture nickel silver, by Dr. Ernst August Geitner


1829 – opening of nickel silver mill at Auerhammer, with step-by-step introduction

             of the manufacture of plate, wire, rod and profiles from nickel, silver,

             copper-nickel, bronze, tombac, brass, copper and nickel


1858 – take-over of the company by Franz Adolph Lange and renamed

            “Dr. Geitner´s Argentanfabrik F.A. Lange”


1918 – production of copper-clad steel plate


1931 establishment of “F.A. Lange Metallwerke plc.”


1948 – post-war reconstruction of the business as “VEB Halbzeugwerk Auerhammer”

              for the manufacture of steel plate


1950 – development and production of special metallic materials from iron-nickel,

              iron-cobalt and iron-nickel-cobalt-alloys as well as thermostatic bimetals


1966 – production of parts in glass-to-metal sealing alloys for cathode ray tubes


1984 – installation of integrated strip cladding line, as well as cold-rolling strip mill.

             New production line for colour television components


1990 – founding of “Auerhammer Metallwerk GmbH”


1992 – acquired by “Vereinigte Deutsche Nickel-Werke AG”, Düsseldorf


1994 – certified to ISO 9002


2000 – establishment as the Group’s centre of excellence for flat mill products


2001 – subsidiary of the Deutsche Nickel AG Technology Group


2003 – certified to ISO 9001:2000


2005 – subsidiary of DNICK Holding plc


2006 – re-certified to ISO 9001:2000


2008 – completion of on-site renovation work


2009 – certified to ISO 9001:2008


2015 – AMW becomes 100% subsidiary of Wickeder Westfalenstahl

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