Data protection

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In accordance with § 4g BDSG the representative must make the information for data protection prescribed in § 4e BDSG available in suitable form upon application. We hereby directly comply with this obligation and forego the individual application on your part.

  1. Name or company of the responsible location (§ 4e, Para. 1 BDSG)
    Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH
  2. Owner, Board of Directors, Managing Director or other legal Director appointed according to the conditions of the company and those persons appointed with managing data processing (§ 4e, Para. 2 BDSG):
    Managing Director: Dr. Jürgen Platt, Andreas Braun
    Head of Data Processing: Dieter Riewe
    Data Protection Representative: Rolf Ludwig
  3. Address of the responsible location (§ 4e, Para. 3 BDSG)
    Hauptstrasse 6, 58739 Wickede (Ruhr)
  4. Purpose of data collection, processing or usage (§ 4e, Para. 4 BDSG):
    Data collection, processing or usage serves for the operation of a cold rolling mill and the sale of the products produced there.
  5. Description of concerned groups of persons and the data or data categories in this case (§ 4e, Para. 5 BDSG)
    Data will be collected, processed and used primarily from the following groups of persons:
    • Client data (address information, bank information, liquidity and credit rating information - if applicable)
    • Supplier information (address information, bank information, quality data - if applicable)
    • Employee information for personnel administration, development, management, invoicing, as well as from pensioners)
    • Applicants (primarily application information, information about the professional career, training and qualifications, possibly previous convictions)
    • Emergency contact information of chosen persons e.g. the employee that should be contacted in an emergency
    • Data of interested parties (address information, product interest, projects)
    • Business partners (address information, product interest, projects)
    • Sales representatives/agents (address, business and contract data; contact information)
    • insofar as these are necessary to fulfil the purpose stated in 4.
  6. Recipient or categories of recipients to whom the data could be shared with (§ 4e, Para. 6 BDSG)
    • Public authorities that receive the data based on legal regulations (i.e. social insurance providers, tax authorities)
    • Internal bodies that are involved in carrying out the respective business process (i.e. personnel administration, accounting, purchasing, marketing, sales, telecommunications and EDP)
    • External contractors (service companies) complying with §11 BDSG
    • Additional external authorities i.e. credit institutions (wage payments)
  7. Standard terms for data deletion (§ 4e, Para. 7 BDSG)
    Data deletion takes place after the legal, statutory requirement or contractual retention period has expired. Data that is not subject to the retention period will be deleted after the discontinuation of the purpose described in 4. Shorter deletion terms will be used in particular areas (i.e. in the personnel administration department, for example, declined applications or warning notices). Insofar as data is not affected hereby it will be deleted if the purpose stated under 5. has ceased.
  8. Planned data transfer to third countries (§ 4e, Para. 8 BDSG)
    Transfer to third countries does not take place at the time being.

Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH
Data Protection Representative

Wickede, June 8, 2009