Technology and Innovation since 1526

The first records of Auerhammer Metallwerk GmbH date back to 1526. At that time it was called "Uttenhofer Eisenhammer" and was based in Aue, Saxony.
Today’s product range includes clad strip, thermostatic bimetal, metal strip and metal foil. We have been processing Nickel and Nickel based alloys for the past 200 years. Our semi-finished metal products are used in a wide range of industries, e.g. the electronics and electrical industry, the automotive and aerospace industries, the energy sector, in measurement technology,  as well as in machinery and plant engineering.

Our strengths:

› broad product portfolio focused on Nickel alloys
› manufacturer of strip thickness and width in accordance with customer requirements
› development of innovative products to provide you with a competitive advantage
› high quality standards
› committed and motivated team

Our products


Clad materials

In many cases a single metal strip is insufficient to fulfill the necessary product requirements. By combining the beneficial properties of each metal, unique materials with new features arise.




Thermostatic bimetals

Thermostatic bimetals form critical parts in many electrical components and other products. Thermostatic bimetals possess the unique property of bending or curving as a result of exposure to change in temperature.



metal strip

Metal strip

We manufacture Nickel and Nickel-base alloys in strip form for the most demanding of applications.



Stainless Steel foil

Metal foil

Auerhammer Metallwerk produces metal foils according to customer requirements. They are typically manufactured in Iron-Nickel alloys and pure metals like Nickel, Copper, Titanium, Silver, as well as stainless steels.



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