Stainless steels, FeNi alloys, Nickel and Nickel-based alloys, as well as Copper alloys are the principal materials for our metal foils. We produce them for highly specific applications.

10x thinner than a hair

We define metal foils as strip with a thickness of <50 µm. Stainless steel foils are used in precision measuring tapes, voice membranes, springs and spacer strips for double glazing. Nickel alloys can be used to manufacture bursting discs and components for medical engineering. Soft-magnetic foil is used to produce cable shielding, capacitor parts and components for acoustic instruments.

Metal foils of Auerhammer

› Soft-magnetic Iron-Nickel alloys FeNi36...FeNi80

› Pure Metals: Nickel

› Meta Alloys: FeNi, NiCr, NiCrFe, NiCu

› Copper Alloys: CuNi44Mn

› Stainless Steel: 1.4301, 1.4310

Thickness: 0.002 - 0.10  mm

Width: 1.0 - 105.0 mm


Foil is considered to be < 0.1 mm thick     


Additional dimensions available on request.

Condition: soft              Thickness: >= 10 μm     Width: 4 - 100 mm cut edge | 60 - 110 mm rolled edge


Condition: as-rolled      Thickness: >= 5 μm     Width: 2 - 100 mm cut edge | 60 - 110 mm rolled edge


Condition: as-rolled      Thickness: < 5 μm         Width:  50 - 110 mm rolled edge


If necessary, other dimensions up to 1 mm are possible.


Most of our foils are manufactured for special applications according to our customer specifications, whether they need pure metals or metal alloys. Mechanical properties can be tailored by means of the heat treatment process.


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