Bimetals with high, medium thermal curvature and corrosion protection

Thermostatic bimetal is a specialist type of clad strip. These are the products of choice whenever there is a requirement for adjustable, regulated or restricted temperatures. Thermostatic bimetals consist of at least two separate component layers, each with a different coefficient of thermal expansion. As the temperature increases, so the two clad components expand at different rates causing the strip to bend. The greater the difference in the coefficients of thermal expansion between the two components, the greater the curvature of the strip.


Our wide range of thermostatic bimetals allows you to choose between those with the greatest thermal sensitivity, the most suitable electrical resistance, the best corrosion resistance or the highest temperature range. In addition to the types covered by DIN 1715, we produce also produce custom grades according to customer requirements. This enables us to maintain the highest quality of bimetal product, even at the thinnest of gauges.



How do bimetals work?

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